Meet Our Staff



James’s experience in trucking starts in 1979 when he joined the Army and drove a 28 wheel tractor trailer hauling heavy tanks.  He hauled plastic parts within Colorado,  then went coast-to-coast hauling swinging and boxed meat out of Colorado. He has pulled flatbeds, hopper bottoms, tankers, refers dry box and livestock trailers.  He has driven well over  4 million accident free miles in the trucking industries. Him and his wife became the new owners of Custom Diesel Drivers Training INC. back in October 2010.




Ken was involved in the trucking industry all his life. His Father, Grandfather, and Great Grandfather, were all truckers, and Ken got older, he started to apply his time on working with different type of units in the industry. He soon joined the team at Custom Diesel Drivers Training Inc. around Sept 2013. He currently is the Vice President, an Instructor, as well as a 3rd Party Examiner for the State of Nebraska.





She joined the team January 2015. She is knowledgeable with the product we provide here at Custom Diesel Drivers Training INC. She does help with answering the phones and keeping the office afloat. She is always willing to lend out a helping hand with all of our students and coworkers.





Fred’s father taught him how to drive back in the 80’s on a cattle farm. At that time, you only needed a chauffer’s license. He then turned his chauffer’s license into a Class A CDL and shortly after he began to drive Over The Road. He hauled swinging beef and produce from Colorado to California. He also hauled fuel for a few years, pulling doubles and triples. He was a trainer at a large transportation company that is well known around Nebraska. He then went on to hauling refrigerated containers to the ports, and decided he wanted to be local.  He wasn’t sure what he wanted to do, but, he answered an ad, and he came to Custom Diesel Drivers Training Inc. in 2015 as an Instructor and Licensed Third Party Tester for the State of Nebraska.




Chuck is a man of many miles. He started driving a truck at the age of 17 and has been with it for 30 years. Originally from North Platte, Ne, Chuck made his way to Omaha via Grand Island and has been in Omaha for 20 years. He has driven between 4 and 5 million miles, covering every state in the lower 48 with the occasional trip to Canada. After being an Owner/Operator for 15 years, Chuck has now been with Custom Diesel Drivers Training since April 2016 and is very serious about training new drivers to do their best.